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Re: The same tiresome hype of mirrorless

PerL wrote:

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What is your opinion?

EVFs are inferior in the same way a big screen TV is inferior to a window - you can't improve on reality.

You will never be able to produce a EVF that is lag free.  The signal has to be processed (demosaicing and applying the settings (WB, contrast curves, etc) ) before you see it.  The less resolution of the EVF the faster but the poorer quality.  The higher resolution the longer the lag.  While it might not be noticeable for a stationary object or a person walking, for a race horse galloping at 40 mph, a cyclist at 45 mph or a race car at 180 mph - that's a whole different kettle of fish.

The other way to address the lag in an EVF that is high enough resolution to compete with a OVF is faster processing which equates to more power consumption and higher operating temperature which will impact the camera's noise performance. Electrical noise is linear with temperature. As a result faster battery drain and more noise.

In reality a large number of the items in this on the referred to list are the same as those comparisons between a SLR and a rangefinder camera.  Because of the shorter distance of the lens to very wide angle high lenses are easier to for a rangefinder (mirror-less) than an SLR (SLR requires a retro-focus design on an SLR).  However, the opposite is true for longer focal length lenses.

There is no reliability issue with mirror boxes worth mentioning - I have cameras that are 30+ years that works fine. Most problem with old cameras are failure of electronics.

I've had SLR's from the Nikon F2 on.  The only issue I have ever had with a shutter/mirror box is when the shutter on my new FM jammed the first time I took it out. Clearly this was a defective shutter which was replaced in a few days by a service center.  I have an F2, FM, Mamiya 645 and Mamiya RB67 (talk about a big mirror box).  Never a problem except the defective shutter on the FM.  Shutters are a mature technology (which made the D600 problem so aggravating).

The vibration from mirror slap is the one issue where mirror-less have a real advantage.  However, that advantage is often negated today by the very good high ISO performance of the sensors.  With ISO 100 film in the breach - it could be an issue.  Today's sensors are much more sensitive and perform well at higher ISO.

The space savings are small if you compare the sensor size. A 200 mm lens is the same size on a DSLR and mirror less.

I would say if you are primarily interesting with photography with wider focal length lenses then a mirror-less sometimes down the road might be your cup of tea.  I also own a Leica M6 and if I'm primarily going to do work with lens less than 35 mm I usually take it.  If you are more interested in longer focal length lenses - they are big to start with and you gain nothing with a small camera.  The M6 with a 135mm looks pretty funny.

The interesting thing about this whole argument is the reason to use a camera like the Leica is it is very fast to work with on the street.  When you work fast on the street you don't have time to read the "Sound and the Fury" displayed on an EVF.  You set up you put it to your eye, you compose and fire.  The more junk on the EVF the longer it will take and the less likely you are to get the "decisive moment" because by the time you look at all the displays - it is gone.

I would say the mirror-less cameras have a place.  However, at the end of the day they are an augmentation to and not a replacement for the SLR.  They are another tool but they are not the great hope.

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