How good is 24meg realy ?

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Re: Megapixels shmegapixels

DRabbit wrote:

To double the resolution of a 15mp camera, you need to multiply 15 x 4. You would need a 60mp camera to double the resolution.

The difference between the K3s 24mp and the K7s 15mp is about 1300 pixels on the widest side. It's not a significant difference.

What is of more importance is the overall image quality of a more current camera. In theory, processing gets better, improvements are made to noise performance, the camera may be faster or focus more accurately, etc. etc. MP shouldn't be your gauge on whether to upgrade or not. At least not at this point in 2013. I've printed VERY large from 8mp cameras with excellent results, and recently with 16mp camera with outstanding results… The 10mp files from a much older Leica M8 can produce beautiful large prints. There are more important reasons to upgrade (sometimes) other than Megapixel counts.

24mp in green, 16mp in white.


It's not simply a matter of increasing resolution.

DxO 24MP vs 16MP Lens Test

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