"I am selling my Nikon gear"

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Re: Which is why I have only one system

First, I agree that for the ultimate flexibility an established DSLR system is hard to beat. Far more lens and flash choices available in systems that have been proven thousands of times over.

That is why I still have my D700, 24-85, 50 1.8S, 85 1.4D, 135 DC2, 200mm f4 Micro, 80-200 2.8D and 500 F4P.When money is on the line I flat out know this system will get the job done. On the flip side... when money is not on the line I am using the DSLR less and less.

"If you HAVE to carry extra weight to get images better than a phone, I want better images, that would be the DSLR."

It is easy to get much better images than what a phone gives you with a lot less weight/bulk of a DSLR. For example, I just picked up a Pentax MX-1 and the IQ from that little thing has surprised me. It has a great lens and I have gotten images that I simply wouldn't have had before as I wouldn't have had any camera but my phone with me. No, it isn't to the level of my DSLR or Fuji but it is miles ahead of my phone.

From an IQ standpoint, to me, the Fuji is right there with my D700. Sometimes I think it is slightly better (colors), some times I think it is slightly worse (dynamic range). The biggest difference I really see is simply based on the differences in DOF and the differences in the lenses. I do shoot the Nikon glass on the Fuji as there is nothing native that compares to say the 85 or 135.

I also don't have all that much overlap on the two systems. The Nikon system is weighted more toward normal to telephoto, the Fuji is more toward wide to normal shooting. (8mm, 23mm 35mm along with a Minolta 58mm 1.2 I usually carry)


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