Nikon DF, Why is the price so high?

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same sensor same viewfinder better controls lesser AF

tissunique wrote:

"...the price is pretty good considering you are getting most of what makes a D4, for a much lower price."

It is nothing like a D4, in fact it's country miles away...

I'm not sure what you mean by "country miles away" - sounds kinda vague to me.  I prefer facts.

Facts are that it is the same sensor, and the sensor is key in any camera.  Is it the same image processing engine I'm not sure but likely given the ISO range.

Viewfinder my understanding is that it's the same viewfinder.

AF engine we know it's not the D4 engine but it's the lesser AF engine found on the D610/610 which itself was recycled from the D7000.  Not the very best but still quite competent.

Controls are markedly better because you can set, and read, parameters without even needing to turn on the camera or bring it to your eye.

Continuous shooting is less but still 5.5fps which serves many uses and likely most uses for the target market.

Video is absent and this is a daring bet but frankly video without continuous AF is quite a specialised thing, and again, Nikon's bet is that the target market for the Df doesn't care.

All this is $3k body-only, vs. $6k i.e. double for a D4.  Sounds like a very good deal to me for many people, and that's before we mention that the camera is also a good deal lighter and smaller.

If you have precise views on some aspects I'd love to hear them.

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