How good is 24meg realy ?

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Re: How good is 24 meg realy ?

Donald B wrote:

everyone has eyes, don't need a sales site to tell me the difference in photo quality, even my 75 yo mother can see the difference , and can only see out of one eye.

cheers don

The eyes can't be trusted when the photos are pre-manipulated. Basically what I'm saying is there is absolutely no controls in your experiment to make any result out of it valid. A great photographer can do a good just with perceived inferior equipment and a idiot can ruin a perfectly good photo with poor editing skills. Random photos, random setting, random situations, random people, random skill sets, random editing which amounts to with no controls are a useless way to evaluate a cameras capabilities. You won't find me judging a camera by any photo results but my own, therefore when i judge a camera its by the numbers, the specifications, its on a technical level not the subjective and totally blind way of looking at random photos.

Unless a visual test/example is done with absolute precision and total controls then it can be skewed in dozens of ways making it propaganda and not truth.

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