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Follow up on AF speed and delete button

AF is lighting fast when there is strong vertical contrast in which PDAF can be used.  It is so fast it is practically DSLR fast.  It even works with moderate to low light conditions.  I'm on a bit of an advantage here as the lens I used for testing AF is the 23 1.4, so the sensor is able to get a lot of light even in a dimly lit condition.

In addition, if it has already got focus on the vertical contrast edge, half press the shutter release again does not cause the lens to try and focus again, the AF motor does not move at all.  Haven't seen any camera does that, not even a DSLR.

But when strong vertical contrast is not present, AF speed is like that of the X-E1.  I wish Fuji has horizontal contrast sensitive phase detection pixels in addition to the vertical contrast sensitive ones.  I think it is entirely possible that the next generation sensor with both horizontal and vertical contrast sensitive phase detect pixels will provide DSLR-like AF speed, under all conditions.  It'd be even more interesting if they can expand the PDAF area to cover the entire sensor.  This will allow fast subject tracking anywhere in the scene.

The other day, I managed to delete all photos accidentally with the new delete function.  Fortunately, I've nothing important on there.

If anyone used to the delete function on X-E1, you'd mentally remember the key sequence: Delete->Up arrow->OK.  This is to delete the current displayed frame.  So I was doing the same thing without thinking and it went into Delete All Frames mode.  Then I saw a dialog box, OK/Cancel.  I was thinking why it didn't delete the photo I selected so I pressed Up arrow and OK again without noticing I'm in Delete All Frames mode.  The end result is a wipe out of all photos.

Seriously, Fuji needs to remove this function from the Delete menu.  It is way too dangerous when you're doing something hectic and mentally following the X-E1/X-Pro1 way of photo deletion.

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