Now that the K3 has been returned.. back to work with the K5 IIs

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Re: Now that the K3 has been returned.. back to work with the K5 IIs

Jim Radcliffe wrote:

ASR45 wrote:

Glad you are happy with what you have Jim.

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I would say that I am satisfied.. for the time being. Sensor noise has always been a pain in my backside, no matter what brand of camera I use. I hope that some day a radical improvement will be made.. then I will truly be happy.

Very nice image!

I think the K3 has its target set on a large group of Pentax shooters, but there is still a missing part in the Pentax line up, and what is going to fill that gap would target a different user base. That base is there, small or large, but it is there. Sounds like you are waiting along with others for the next step up from Pentax: the first Pentax digital full frame camera. I don't think apsc sensor technology is going to defeat the laws of physics in the near future, and apart from that, full frame always has a larger potential for growth when pure raw IQ is concerned, certainly (but not only) when your type of low light photography is concerned.

I think you are wise to have returned the K3, no matter how outstanding the camera is a as a high resolution apsc camera. I'm going to resist the temptation to try one out myself, and wait for what would really be a significant step up: the pentax K3 style FF. Seeing what they can do with good Sony sensors (at any rate the K3 is looking better than the D7100 to my eyes). it will be something to look out for.


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