New E-mount APS-C bodies will have DSLR shape, like A3000

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There is a problem with all these polls

jpr2 wrote: replace the so far reigning RF-like little bricks of [former] Nex'es, but I think they are in a teeny-weeny minority, at least if this little poll can be taken as measuring correct temperatures . As all indifferent and "don't care" will fall into that last category of 7%:

But that was an option not given, so maybe the "don't care" did not fill in this poll.

What is the camera you are hoping to see in February?

  • New FF A-mount - 40%, 2,658 Votes
  • New NEX-7 alike FF E-mount - 29%, 1,979 Votes
  • New APS-C A-mount - 22%, 1,510 Votes
  • NEX-7 upgrade - 22%, 1,480 Votes
  • New RX2 - 8%, 564 Votes
  • New APS-C E-mount compact camera - 7%, 493 Votes

Total Voters: 6,724

Is the overall 51% asking for N7 mk-II with either FF or APS-C sensor a result which will sway Sony in favor to keep the Nex-like form factor alive?

But look at it this way: 6724 votes on a custommer base of what? 100.000? 1.000.000? It tells nothing! Then the choices, I could not ask for a DSL like E-mount, I could not ask for A7 alike APS camera.

The problem with polls like this is that:

It is not realy representative, as the majority of the buyers do not visit these foroms Look how 77% ask for a FF camera, in the real world FF cameras do not make 77% of the ILCs  arround...
The options you get are to much pushing you in one direction (to the Nex 7 style, as it is mentioned two times)

It is very hard to create a good poll, when the question is wrong, or the options are not realy clear than the poll has no value at all. Unfortunately this poll has no real value at all...

Perhaps not, but... WHAT ELSE can we do except voicing our concerns and hopes?!!

So, I think that anyone telling the OP to shut up and go away is not only uncivil and outright vulgar, but more importantly they're doing a gross disservice to their best interest and hopes !!

I think that everyone has a right to tell their oppinion, so the people who want the RF styled camera to stay alife and the people who don't care. But I do think that stating that a camera style is dumped by Sony, based on very weak points, and doing it over and over again is a bit over the top. Personaly I see no reason why Sony would leave the RF style, it is selling well. So maybe we all should step back and wait, Sony is reading this forum and knows our oppinion.


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