Nikon DF, Why is the price so high?

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Re: Nikon DF, Why is the price so high?

While already mentioned factors may add to the price I tend to believe that Nikon is pricing to what they think the camera's market will pay, with a firm eye on the bottom line, i.e. more profit. I would be interested in why they opted for the D4 sensor and not a newer one like the D610. After all 16mp is more of a journalist's resolution than (at current standards) the general run of consumer/serious amateur resolutions being offered by Nikon and other makers. In fact it's more in line with Fuji's latest X series cameras.

I don't even think the camera looks as retro as other cameras out there and in the flesh could look and feel quite clumsy. Recent full-frame releases have got me puzzled... perhaps the company is dipping its toe in 'retro' waters in preparation for another model in 2014

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