D610 vs. 5D Mark III

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Re: D610 vs. 5D Mark III

SushiEater wrote:

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SushiEater wrote:

I would definitely bought D600 instead of this stupid 5d3 if it had CF card instead of SD card.

It would save me $1500 for more lenses.

I had so many problems and lost so many SD cards that it is not even funny. Plus even the fastest SD cards somehow slow in the camera and slow in the outside devices.

BTW, DXO got it all wrong probably because they don't have access to lenses as much as Lens Rentals. D600 and especially D800 outresolve 5D3 even with lesser lenses.
There was an article posted here on this site but somehow DPR decided to remove it probably because a lot of Canon fanboys were upset.

http://www.lensrentals.com/blog/2013/01/a-24-70mm-system-comparison show D800 outresolve 5D3 even though 5D3 was using the best Canon lens and D800 was using Tamron which is even below Nikon 24-70G in resolution but not by much. I trust Lens Rentals much more than DXO.

Congrats on D610.

No where did that page say the D600 outresolves it...

If you put equivalent lens on D600 it will.

If all others the same, 2mp difference in sensors is pretty minimum.

My point is it is very unfair to put better lens regardless who is making it on 5D3 and claim camera is better because it is not.

The reality is that Canon has more better lenses than Nikon's counterparts. From my perspective and the lenses I actually own and use, Canon 24-70L II and 70-200L II are all better than Nikon counterpart. 500L/4.0 IS is as good as Nikon 500G. 100-400L despite is old is not much less than Nikon's new 80-400G but with only half price. I agree Nikon has better UWA zoom 14-24G. But I don't use a normal UWA lens anymore (I don't like severe distortion from regular UWA lenses such as vertical converging lines). Instead I pickup Canon 17mm TS-E that is more useful to me and it's my UWA lens that Nikon doesn't have a counterpart.

5D3 is a better all-round camera than D600/D610 overall and in higher category. IQ is comparable while 5D3 is far more versatile.

If Nikon makes better lens tomorrow or Zeiss for example what would you say when? Basically the lens what makes 5D3 shine but not the camera itself.

Then Canon might have even better lenses, or Canon will have a 47mp camera then. You cannot claim on a pseudo assumption.

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