How good is 24meg realy ?

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Re: How good is 24meg realy ?

Rod McD wrote:

Hi Don,

I would have thought that a 50% increase in resolution was worth having if you need to upgrade. My K5 is 60% up on my old K10D. 24mpx is +50% on the 16mpx of my K5. (And 36mpx is +50% more on 24mpx.) While any increase has an edge, I think 50% is probably what I would see as the significant step up that might make an upgrade worthwhile.

Is it needed, is it worth having? I think that depends on several things. One needs to recognise that having a sensor doesn't produce images. An image pipeline does - and that means lens, senor, and processor of matching capability. And it depends on usage. If you view only on 4X6" prints and an 11" laptop, then 24mpx is overkill. OTOH, if you do print big, even occasionally, it may be very much worthwhile.

It's interesting to have a look at different sensors on the IR comparator tool - if you like you could compare the K5 and K10, or K3 and K5, or other cameras with a 50% increase in sensor resolution (eg the Nikon D3X & D800).



Hi Rod,

You're quite a bit off in your calculations for increased resolution there. It's not an insignificant increase by any means, but not quite as good as you think. A lot of people seem to be making that error, perhaps someone should make a separate thread about it...

[Edit: I see someone else in this thread beat me to it!]

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