Sigma DP1M vs. Ricoh GR

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Re: Sigma DP1M vs. Ricoh GR

That's not what I would call "very visible", it's what I would call "discernible".

For me personally, for a difference to matter enough to be a factor in a decision over which camera to buy, it has to be big enough to make all the difference.

For instance if one camera can make a high quality A3 print while another runs out of steam at A4, that's a significant difference. But if the difference is small enough that a 17 inch wide print from one camera has the same quality as a 15 inch print from another, then to me that is no difference at all worth having.

I suspect many of the fights that people have over cameras comes down to how people respond to the quantity of the difference. Some, like me are not bothered unless the difference is large, whilst others put a huge amount of weight on tiny differences and are prepared to pay Leica lens prices to get that last 1%.  Nothing wrong with either view.

My (relatively impecunious) view is pragmatic: if I can get a camera for 1/4 the price that I have to print a couple of inches smaller, I'll print smaller.  To be completely pragmatic all cameras have equal quality if you print small enough!

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