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This quest has lasted 6 years... time to conclude.

Okay, now I have been typing a little over a year with my Ducky DK9008S mechanical keyboard. Below (in red) I have a quote from myself after I had been using it for three weeks. That was over a year ago.

Now that I have been using this Cherry MX Blue keyboard for over a year my impression is that the keys have become yet a little lighter to type on, but not floppy in any way. They still give magnificent tactile and audible feedback. My touch typing has improved dramatically and I can pretty much float the keys so that the finger strain is minimal and also the clicketyclack audio feedback is just music to my ears.

I also have an Apple wireless keyboard that I use with my tablet plus I have a logitech tablet keyboard as well. The Apple is really pleasurable to type on and there was a moment two montsh ago that I got out the old wired Logitech Illuminated Keyboard that I have and swapped it with the Ducky. I just wanted to see how that feels after some time. I typed some and swiftly replaced it with the Ducky again. There is just no way around it - typing on the mechanical keyboard is bliss.

But I like the Apple wireless too and use it daily. The logitech tablet keyboard less so although it too is quite usable. The scissor switches in the Apple seem a little more exact. The minuscule laptop style key travel is nice but not quite a match with the mechanical tactile feeling.

So, I dunno, I guess I am a convert to mechanical boards. All I can say is that in case you type a lot then you will do yourself a favour to at least try one of these.


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Okay, it has been three weeks now, so I can offer some more opinions about this keyboard.

There is one really big and significant observation I can make. Since getting this keyboard I promised myself to learn touch typing and I did. This has had an immense effect on the user experience!

You see, when touch typing you quickly learn to only gently float on the keys, just very very gently bottoming them. This has had profound effects to me:

1) Even these Cherry MX Blue switches no longer sound that loud to me. They sound just right. When I was still using my caveman 6 to 8 fingers style I now realise how hard it was on the keys. Going berserk with the typing force also made this keyboard sound amazingly loud. Touch typing is a much gentler ecperience.

2) My fingers no longer hurt. Touch typing has taken so much stress away that my fingers feel way better now no matter how much I type.

3) I have come to realize the importance of a really good wristrest. I have always appreciated one but now even more so. The rest has to remain attached to the desk at a certain distance from the keyboard and not slip even a little. I am now looking for a wristrest that is soft gel filled and quite wide. And has a good non-slip rubber at the bottom.

The keyboard has remained a pleasure to use and I would not go back for sure. Now that I touch type I would probably not get the shine LED-illuminated version but rather invest in the fancy better coated keys. I might just do that and take one of my Duckies to the office.

I have typed all my life and am now in the middle of a book project and several articles and dear lord in heavens my fingers thank me for learning to touch type and getting this keyboard.


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