To watermark or not to watermark?

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Watermarks easily removed, depends on what is done.

Clueless Wanderer wrote:

I've just had a look at iStock's water marking and they have an outlined (grey outter, lighter inner) form of text. Would doing it that way make it harder for software? As it is having to deal with two layers of lightness, rather than just one.

In my opinion, the #3 is the only one that is hard to remove. you must use big letters, they need to be bolded for thickness and the would need to be scaled for different sizes for each image so they are not exactly the same.

As I a said this is harder (but not impossible) to fix, heal, mask because it is taking the text layer and creating a difference, lightness, XOR change to the color. This I believe would not be easy for average photoshop user to correct.

istock watermark is easlier. That is because people have written many web pages how to remove it. For example

There are even programs to do this. I have not tried this program with the watermark I created above but it would be interesting to see how well the program works. I may try it tomorrow to see how well it works .

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