Do we still need a TC?

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Re: Do we still need a TC?

Don't have a K3 yet, but I will offer my 2. one thing is inevitable, eventually we will see sensor resolutions that are too high for either diffraction limits, or lens resolutions, or both. Even the high end glass. When that happens, a TC will just be magnifying an already fuzzy image, and so will cropping, but at least the TC will give more pixels on the subject.

That hard answer here is it depends. If technical aspects are spot on, meaning almost no motion blur, focus is sharp, low noise, cropping should be "sharper" as you are not adding any glass. The key word is IF. AFAIK, most people use TC for things like birding, or astrophotography, and these things are usually limited by the situations. Action shots are going to have some traces of blur, always, and the sky can get real turbulent. In these cases it's probably better to have a little extra glass than to magnify the pixel level flaws of motion blur and high iso.

If conditions are ideal, I would rather crop and use optimal settings in camera. Are there TC that are so pristine you can hardly tell they are on? I don't know and likely don't want to pay for one. I kinda agree with your idea here that more MP is allowing us to crop more and more for reach. It's one of the reasons I love filterless sensors so much, but I honestly think there is a tool for every job. TC when things are sloppy, cropping when you have complete control.

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