Nikon DF, Why is the price so high?

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Leonard Shepherd
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Re: is the price so high?

The Nikon LIST price seems to be about 15% more than for the D700.

There is no point comparing the price of apples to oranges. The D700 is available at good street discounts and as yet the Df not.

If the Df prices settles at about 15% more than the D700 (pre D800 announcement) more MP, much better high ISO noise, greater dynamic range, f8 official AF ability and (for those who want it) pre AIS lens compatibility does not sound high to me.

So, D610 for "newbies to photography" who may never have shot film, Df for "golden oldies" with older AIS lenses, D800 for maximum resolution and D4 for maximum fps, seems a good all round range to me.

Digressing prices of pre second hand AIS lenses are not that high - yet

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