X-Trans for commercial work

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Re: silly indeed...

Beat Traveller wrote:

If you need a camera that will allow you to sell photos printed at 60 inches, I think you would be better off looking at something with much higher resolution, especially if you want the maximum DPI. That's probably a bigger issue than artefacts, honestly.

Yes, the images that are current for sale up to 60 inches were taken with my 5D Mk2. It's set by the site and is determined by the file size, but it assumes a level of quality (detail) within those files that gets verified when a sale is made.

My OMD and X100 images are available up to a smaller maximum size.

The site offers customers a money back guarantee so will only complete the sale if it feels the quality is sufficient.

While the OM-D has been great for most of my recreational shooting, there are some shots that would  struggle to make larger print sizes and so I'm looking to notch the quality up a bit again. The Sony RX1 or A7 are natural choices, but I really like the lens selection for the X system hence the critical investigation into the IQ. It's not done to wind people up. It's simply about what I'm seeing when examining the files for fine detail quality.


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