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Nikonfan99 wrote:

If you go back and watch every nikon DF video, you will get that the LOOKS and FEEL (including sound) is what the focus is on. The tag lines are geared towards emotion. What sets the camera apart? The main difference? LOOKS and feel. I had quoted all the tag lines before.

Well, to be honest I was being somewhat rhetorical; I realize how this particular product is being identified by Nikon.

"But let me ask directly: how does using a Nikon Df identify someone as a 'poseur' or 'hipster?'"

- Well the DF is a unique camera in that it has been designed to look retro (older). Similar to a older film camera. They took the digital insides of the D600 &D4 and merged them into this camera. The commercial marketing behind the camera used tag lines such as "it is in my hands again" or something similar. Well the guy in the video was a bit young to be the target audience of this camera. It is clearly not showing the average customer age here which remembers extensive use of this type of film camera design.

This brings me to the first part that it is a digital body (for the digital age) shoved into the film era body. If you are old enough and film had such a deep meaning for you, I strongly feel that you could live that moment with a number of film cameras on the market. Also at a cost well below $2,700. I know what film costs but it would take a long time to hit that mark. Also why would you pretend live an era. It is like if you can afford a original mustang, you wont get the same thing by driving a 2013 mustang.

My point is that nikon did a great job building the excitement about the product and creating a need to "feel" that moment and they fed the need that they created. Now as a 35 year old person, I know my experience with film and it was limited to the F100. Nothing like the design of the original film cameras that this camera is trying to mimic. So at my age, I don't have a vested relationship with this design. I have a strong feeling that most people don't have any long term memories with such a body design so in a way they are trying to be part of the different "retro" crowd. This also comes at a time when old is cool and hip and twenty something year olds walk around with handlebar mustaches.

This is a personal annoyance with me and not directed at everyone that looks at the DF but rather I see where people see coolness and nikon says "hey dumb axx you like cool retro stuff? well look at this! You want one? $2700 please".

The problem I see is that nikon priced this camera at a premium (compared to the rest of the line) and did so knowing full well that a small crowd that is willing to sacrifice features/capabilities for looks, will jump on it. We are also living in a time when most of the world economies are suffering. I think this impacts (at least for me) how I view items like this. It can be a Ipad with a gold screen, a fancy car or this camera. I view it differently. I think nikon could have priced the camera in line with the current offerings and left out the false advertising that somehow this will be like having that film camera again. I also don't say that everyone that uses the camera is a hipster or poser but the majority come off as not having a real good reason to dump $2700besides looks. This is why I asked. Why the DF? I get such answers as high ISO performance and size. I know none of these two is enough to make sense of $2700 for this camera since high iso is not an issue on say a D600 or D800 and this camera is not much smaller.

I have much respect for anyone that can be honest and say "like the look, willing to pay for the look" or "like the feel of the knobs and have the money to spare". That I could respect. I don't like fake rational and misdirection. I think this camera pushes some peoples buttons because it comes at a time when nikon has had QC issues, denial of issues, screwed some camera owners and now releases a camera that is overpriced and comes off as feeding on the few people that buy out of emotion.

I feel that we live in a tech savvy time where technology is changing rapidly. I feel that we could all benefit from stepping back once in a while and evaluating ourselves to see if all this change is improving us? What I mean is always chasing a dream or high of having the latest and greatest instead of any kind of appreciation for what we do have. Learning to use our existing tools to grow. I know I get tech envy too at times but need to pull it back. I own 2 D600's and a D7000. Own great glass also. I found myself walking around the mall waiting for my wife tonight. Walked into the sony store and played with a A99. Cool camera. As I held it, I felt a urge to start looking at the price and options. I pulled back and had to rethink why I am even looking at it. I have perfectly good cameras that are new and here I am pixel peeping at a higher megapixel camera and for what? I originally did not buy a D800 for the same reasons. I did not need it and neither do I need it right now. I bought the D600's for the smaller files, price and value. My point is that it is a distraction from real life. Buying new gear has to be evaluated and it should not be just on emotion (in my opinion). I know people will do what they want to do and that is life. Maybe we can all disagree in grace.

And then let me ask another question: why is this an issue? What is it about our own values and our own self-identity that even has us talking about a product that might not serve us. That's what I'm genuinely interested in.

see above.

Yes, the advertising of the Df is directed at a particular demographic. And through those specific marketing devices the consumer identifies (or not) with the product. Nothing new there. All products are marketed to identify a target demographic. And among those products, often "looks and feel" is an integral part of a product's identity and its value. And "looks and feel" has a real cost attached, we know that. We can all eat food from the local market yet we still choose to go to eating establishments that charge a lot more for pretty much the same product. In fact if we look at food as being something purely functional, then why ever eat out? Choices are not always going to be strictly about function and cost.

Anyway, I find the reactionary responses to this particular product interesting. I assume part of it is that people want to make it known that they aren't being 'fools' and that they see this product as something Nikon is doing to 'fool' those who don't know better; i.e., the 'hipsters' and 'poseurs' of the world. And that's another way of identifying oneself, too.

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