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That is not what I'm saying. I for one are disappointed that Nikon didn't go a step further to accomodate manual focussing, either through focus peaking in a hybrid EVF, or through -user swappable- focussing screens, even if that means (temporarily) giving up AF. But I (try) to understand why they didn't (cost, size, weight).

But that is different from flat out claiming that Nikon are idiots, that the company is run by incompetent people, that you know better than them. And resorting to personal insults because you somehow feel insulted or wronged by the camera they chose to make. That's what this is about.

Criticism is good, discussion is good, but there is too much mindless bashing by people who have absolutely no idea what it takes to design, build, market, sell and support a DSLR.

What if Nikon actually takes all this mindless hate and abuse to heart and decides never to push the boat out again because of the amount of abuse this generates online?

What if it gives up trying to make a Digital S FF rangefinder because so many on the internet seem to have A7 or X100 tunnelvision and trash everything else, without having the slightest clue why a FF Df can't be the size of a A7 or X100.

What if they never released the D400 because they knew that after the 1,5 year delay due to the Tsunami a vast amount of people would publicly trash it -without even having seen one- because the specs would now seem slightly outdated, no matter how brilliant the camera was.?

Some "Camera enthusiasts" seem to be getting closer and closer to mindless football hooligans who assault their own team's bus for playing a draw, even though they're still well ahead in the championship. Or hurl projectiles from the stands at their teams best forward for missing a penalty kick. It is a saddening development.

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