Why no m4/3 tele converters like Nikon/Canon others?

Started Nov 10, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Why no m4/3 tele converters like Nikon/Canon others?

Just what others said, there are no lenses suitable for use with TC. The rear mounted TC reduces the light as well as resolution as square of the conversion factor. So even an 1.4x TC would make a lens 2x slower with 2x lower resolution. The best numbers for m43 lenses you get from DXO are about 9 MPixel, so you'll end up with very slow, very soft 4.5MP lens. When the resolution is so much lens limited, the TC is not any different than simple crop -- both reduce the light and resolution in equal degree.

The solution would be not the TC, but the front mounted extender (i.e. a telescope), which can preserve the light and resolution, but requires high optical quality, will be large and heavy, and which probably would be more expensive than just making a whole new lens or just choosing equally large and heavy FF system.

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