HUGE Df Apology!

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people just value things differently to you, get over yourself!

Shotcents wrote:

I'm so so so so so so VERY sorry that....

1) Some people don't want a smaller DSLR

I'm sure at times everyone does... That doesn't mean that they have to want the Df or see enough value in it to buy one

2) Some people don't want a lighter DSLR

As above

3) Some people don't want a DSLR with absolutely top level low light shooting ability.

As above plus maybe they already have a D4, D3/s or D700 or Canon 1Dx, if it was that important to them they probably had the right tool already!

4) Some people don't like manual dials or class looks.

Probably true, some people like being able to adjust everything and to see the changes whilst looking through the viewfinder.

5) Some people can't work with 5.5 FPS.

I've not seen that criticism, but if you can have higher, why not? The low light solutions I offered above all have higher fps.

6) Some people think the 39 point AF module is poor.

We'll Nikon use it as a differentiation point, they seem to think that their other module is better, again why should we pay more to get less.

7) Some people think that a better viewfinder is of minimal value.

Maybe, but a significantly better viewfinder with user replaceable focussing screens would at least offer what other brands do to aid MF, which would be of great use to those pre-AIS users that finally have a digital Nikon to use their lenses on.

8) Some people don't care about a camera that handles well.

That's subjective, dpreview didn't think this handled better than other cameras if you read the hands on.

9) Some people don't appreciate a beautiful looking product that is also highly functional.

Maybe true, but some people don't see the Df as both or either of those.

10) Some people didn't get every feature they wanted. Many of us did!

Right, so you go and buy it and be happy, stop posting about it, share your joy when you have it but stop belittling people because they disagree with you, especially when they have already explained why.

11) Some people, who bashed this camera childishly prior to trying it, will end up buying or wanting one.


12) Some people can't afford this camera.


13) Some people can't find a Nikon camera that suits them even though many of the great current shooters can.

Also true, if Nikon made the perfect camera for everyone the other makers wouldnt be in business for long!

14) Some people will be annoyed hat I started another Df thread.

Sherlock Holmes just entered the forum!

15) Some people don't want a lower profile type of camera.

Also true, the Df is not aimed at them.

16) Some people don't want smaller files.

Or lower resolution, if you want smaller files than a D800 you've got literally hundreds of dSLR and ILC options!

17) Some people think Star Wars is better than Star Trek.

Of course we will, I've never seen the appeal of any part of star trek, maybe because I was forced to watch them as a child.

So that's my apology. The Df is (for me) the only logical choice for a second body on the market. It ADDS something to me kit (as would a D4). A second D800 or entry level D610 does not.

Fine and invite UK at least you're willing to spend more than the launch price of the D800e to get that (as a second body), fair enough! Stop trying to convince everyone else that they are wrong for not seeing it in the same way as you though and you'll get much more sensible reactions from others.

It's so simple even a child can reason through it. Naturally, some adults just can't accept the facts.

And the facts are?? You can afford a Df and can see how you would use it, you like the look of it and can work with or ignore any limitations (all cameras have them!) to get your benefits.

I think that we can all accept that, what you don't seem to be able to accept is that some of us disagree with what your reasoning and our opinions are equally as valid as yours.

Genuinely if I were in your position I would be looking for a pristine D700 unless I needed warranty as its for paid work (in which case I'd be looking at a D4 or additional D800 anyway) or it was for the styling (including the alternative ergonomics).


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