New E-mount APS-C bodies will have DSLR shape, like A3000

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Re: New E-mount APS-C bodies will have DSLR shape, like A3000

hyenadog wrote:

why does this surprise u ? Sony's crap product managers, silly pricing and lack of lenses at the bright tele side killed any chance the NEX had against entry level dslr particularly in the USA

If the A3000 is succesful (fingers crossed) hopefully Sony will knock out some "right price" lenses on the tele side (that are ok in low light and can give a defocused background) and I might buy in to the e-mount lens infrastructure finally and grab a second 5R body while they are still around

I would imagine they will continue with the NEX style - prob a 5T at 3 prices as a step up for the likes of the lumia 1020 smartphone that dont want the dslr bulk

GO A3000 !

If the A3000 is successful, I think we will see more primes that depend on OSS, not wide apertures. The rock-bottom price of the A3000 - plus the really mediocre EVF - suggest it isn't targeting a discriminating prime-lens shooter.

Our very best hope is that the A7 becomes a model for subsequent higher-end APS-C cameras.  Look at the highest price for the NEX-7 body, and it's very close to that of an A7 body, minus, say $500 to establish a difference between APS-C and FF. A $1200 "A5" with an upgraded NEX-7 sensor would be one mean camera, And I'd buy at least one body in a heartbeat.

By putting that sensor in an A7 body, Sony would be amortizing the cost of developing the A7/r across a much wider range of cameras. Think the BMW 328 with the 128 engine; a 4-cylinder Honda Accord in a V6 body. It sells to the ego of the guy who would love to tote a FF but can't get the last $500 past his wife - and he can use all his NEX lenses.

I love my NEX-6 rangefinder configuration, and have no intentions of selling it no matter what Sony decides. But if Sony kills the rangefinder and brings out an A5 with the NEX-6 sensor, and an A6 with the NEX-7 sensor, I'd be thrilled.

I can't exclude the possibility that the A3000 might be the configuration for future NEX-replacement cameras. That would be a disappointment, unless they carried the A7 features to the new body. If they didn't, even though I don't need better than APS-C for professional web medical videos, I'd go A7. I would rather not start down a new FF lens path, but since I have a limited investment in strictly hobby-quality E mounts now, and would shoot medical videos with my 3 M lenses and my 17mm Tokina FF, I wouldn't likely have to buy more than the kit lens with the A7.

I just know I am not going backwards to an OVF again. The NEX-6 set me free. I'm hooked on EVF.

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