Why no m4/3 tele converters like Nikon/Canon others?

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Re: Why no m4/3 tele converters like Nikon/Canon others?

SteveNunez wrote:

Is there a technical reason why there are no tele converters for m4/3 shooters?

The longest lens we have with AF is 300mm which equates to 600mm or so, limiting our ability to shoot long distances. Everything from sports to wildlife is hampered on the m4/3 platform due to this equipment omission.

I'd like a 1.4x and 2x TC just as the other shooters have available, despite the probable slight loss of light.

300mm is not often long enough for me using m4/3 cameras and I'm thinking of selling everything off as it's just too limiting not having the ability to shoot longer distances as other shooters can.

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Also, why hasn't anyone made a lens with AF that surpasses 300mm......I'd love a 50-500 lens as Sigma produces but native to m4/3.

I think if the m4/3 consortium wishes serious photogs to consider migrating over to the m4/3 platform we need to have everything at our disposal as traditional photographers have currently.

(I know some professionals have made the switch to m4/3 and I applaud their efforts, but sporters and naturalists need longer glass!)


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Well first off you have to have top IQ tele lenses to work with them. Read that as expensive lenses. A 1.4x TC is a lot more forgiving than a 2x TC. Over the years I've had 3 Canon 2x TC and now don't own any I do use the 1.4x TC though. You really notice the difference in fine feathering in birds between 2x and 1.4x. Again though, you also need fairly wide open tele lenses to work with them.

At the moment with the lenses m4/3 has, I wouldn't go that way if I was Panasonic or Oly. Hopefully in the future you might see a serious prime longer focal length in m4/3.

The EM1 is getting very interesting in the way Oly is heading and it is getting serious along those lines. 4/3 also has some superb lenses, but of course you have to pay for it. They are top of the range and brilliant long lenses from what I've seen posted. They do have the TC's to go with them as well.

The other way is to go with what Jeff further up the thread suggests in using MF legacy lenses. It does take time to get use to and also you need time to find the right technique. Its not for everyone that's for sure. You need to be stubborn and patient to learn the techniques. Most people now days want easy and enter AF.

All the best and fingers crossed for the future.


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