To watermark or not to watermark?

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Re: Watermark examples.

Richard wrote:

First let me say this is just my opinion, and there have been times on the board that others had a much different opinion than I. Also what is considered objectionable is subjective.

A picture on the web is like a car stereo. If the thief wants it bad enough, and has the skill they will get it. If the car is unlocked, like a picture on the internet with no watermark, it is easy to steal. If the car is locked and has an alarm, most thieves will move on to an easier target often the same with a watermarked picture.

Example 1,Adobe photoshop people cannot get the image because part of it is lost, but many viewers find this objectionable because they cannot see the image behind the text. They may not buy.

Example 2 allows you to see behind the text which is less objectionable to the buyer., but this is easier to eliminate the water mark because the picture is lightened by the text. If all the images are watermarked in the same way you run a batch job when you figure out how to remove the watermark.

In example 3 using the text and instead of just adjusting the opacity of the layer, you turn on subtract, device, lightness Logic XOR to the opacity and this makes it even harder to remove and the buyer gets to see all the detail but only in a strange color. I would use something like this since I would consider it less objectional.

To prevent batch jobs being run after they figure out how to remove the watermark (using a mask then applying the same process to every photo) move the watermark around so every imagae is slightly different and a mask cannot be used to make the adjustment.

One thing. I have walked into the office only to see a few people with pictures like wedding or portrait, on the desktop in a picture frame with the watermark splattered across the front. Yes, people proudly displaying printed pictures they printed out on their own printer with a huge watermark across the picture.

People like this, it will not matter what you do. But I would like to hope that this is a very small minority.

...Thanks so much. Very informative and yeah.. a real eye opener :-o

With reference to the moving around of the watermark to hinder batch conversion: As a lot of the images on my website are of varying crops and ratio's, I'm assuming this would also make it hard to batch remove a water mark. Yes they can crop them in to make a standard size but I'm guessing when working with images of the size of 750x500px, that cropping in is going to make the files even more useless.. am I wrong?
Im just wandering if I have to water mark all 240 images independantly or I can do it batch, but change the ones that are of an equal size/ratio to try and counter the batch removal of the water marks..

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