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Re: vanity (?)

Nikonfan99 wrote:

If you go back and watch every nikon DF video, you will get that the LOOKS and FEEL (including sound) is what the focus is on. The tag lines are geared towards emotion. What sets the camera apart? The main difference? LOOKS and feel. I had quoted all the tag lines before.

Well, to be honest I was being somewhat rhetorical; I realize how this particular product is being identified by Nikon.

But let me ask directly: how does using a Nikon Df identify someone as a 'poseur' or 'hipster?' And then let me ask another question: why is this an issue? What is it about our own values and our own self-identity that even has us talking about a product that might not serve us. That's what I'm genuinely interested in.

Yes, the advertising of the Df is directed at a particular demographic. And through those specific marketing devices the consumer identifies (or not) with the product. Nothing new there.  All products are marketed to identify a target demographic.  And among those products, often "looks and feel" is an integral part of a product's identity and its value.  And "looks and feel" has a real cost attached, we know that. We can all eat food from the local market yet we still choose to go to eating establishments that charge a lot more for pretty much the same product. In fact if we look at food as being something purely functional, then why ever eat out?  Choices are not always going to be strictly about function and cost.

Anyway, I find the reactionary responses to this particular product interesting. I assume part of it is that people want to make it known that they aren't being 'fools' and that they see this product as something Nikon is doing to 'fool' those who don't know better; i.e., the 'hipsters' and 'poseurs' of the world.  And that's another way of identifying oneself, too.

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