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Chris Dodkin wrote:

Najinsky wrote:

Hi, has anyone here had any of their work rejected (or know of someone who has) due to X-Trans artefacts?

Or conversely, has any here had commercial success shooting with an X-Trans sensor?


This has not been an issue for me to date - no one has questioned the camera model the image has been shot with. In fact, no one ever has - whether it's FF 5DII, 120 MF scanned film, X-Trans etc etc.

I think people on DPR worry far more about this than the customer ever does.

I agree in general, but sometimes photography sales sites take that decision out of the customers hands and pre-filter the images based on technical IQ factors. Not exclusively, lots of the other photographic factors come into play too, like relevancy, composition, lighting, etc. But those are in my hands and it should be a given that those factors are important.

These X-Trans artefacts are out of my hands, so I'm trying to research if they are relevant.

Thanks for the additional links.

Conversely, I've had clients select images from the X-Pro1 over images from my 5DII, taken at on the same shoot - so clearly they're not seeing anything that causes them an issue.

I see you've been given the X Photographers links - here are some additional ones which will provide useful pro refs:






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