How good is 24meg realy ?

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Re: How good is 24 meg realy ?

Hi again Don,

Sorry but trying to compare these cameras by cropped images does my head in. Crops of eyes have little to do with what I do.   I don't know what lenses were used or what conditions they were taken in. And the FLs and apertures were quite different.  I prefer the IR comparator tool.  That way I can see the same image shot by different cameras and look at the outcomes in any way I choose.

I didn't pick my K5 lightly.  I did some research  - on its feature set, the lens range, some reviews and its performance.  And I liked it.  I'm considering the A7r in the same way - no final decision made yet.

I guess another way of looking at all this is that a camera is a luxury appliance, and we buy what we like (within our budget, and perhaps a bit outside of it!).  Photography is not essential to life.  No-one needs a camera.  Even pros could do other work.  Most of the world's population can't take any photos at all.  Most that can use a phone.  And of those that have a camera, the majority have a compact.  We're all niche players in these forums.  We're not here for a long - I think I'll go with my belief structure (illusions, delusions or otherwise) and buy one I like.  It'll have a high res sensor.  There's no substitute for simply liking a camera to get you out there enjoying it.....

Cheers, Rod

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