"I am selling my Nikon gear"

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Re: "I am selling my Nikon gear"

bigpigbig wrote:

Would anyone care to address how they would deal with the 5 situations I listed? These are some of the things I do that keep me from parting with my D800e.

The Fuji has been life changing! The 14, 23, and 35 are world class. The JPGs are phenomenal! The light weight is SO welcomed. But it doesn't do everything well.

Does anyone shoot action in dark places?

Does anyone shoot in bad weather?

Does anyone shoot tethered?

Does anyone use flash systems?

Does anyone find they'd like a bit more reach by cropping?

Does anyone ever get chased by bears?

The Fuji has opened up many new opportunities for capturing images that I never would have with my D800e (hiking, daily commuting, etc) I have it with my all the time.

1. Sometimes, but I like tripods and slow, atmospheric so no speed daemon needed for high ISO (if that was what you are getting at?)

2. Nope, but have shot near a waterfall and can see your point! Not compelling enough to keep a weather sealed body though!

3. Didn't shoot tethered when I had Nikon and Canon, so unlikely that I would ever miss this.

4. Sure, I do this all the time in the studio, use a Sekonic 308s and wireless triggers. Miss the ease of use of the Nikon TTL, but again, not compelling enough to keep me in the camp.

5. Sure all the time ... oddly I wouldn't throw a DSLR at it though ... I guess there are many ways to skin a cat aye??

But seriously, coming back to your original question/statement: I personally hate clutter and at first thought I would keep a Nikon body plus maybe 2 lenses for the scenarios you describe, a 24mm plus an 85mm ... in the end I thought that I would sell the lot, bar one, I kept the 105/2.5 AI-S bi-coloured one, a work of art if you ask me ... the good news is that I can now use this lens with the XE1 ...

I first thought that if I needed to I could easily buy another body plus a lens, a D700 plus an 85/1.8 AF-S maybe?? But have decided in the end to get the 56/1.2 instead, maybe the 23/1.4??


So I would consider myself an ex-Nikon shooter after ... wait ... 1986-2013 ... 27 years??

No regrets!



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