Why no m4/3 tele converters like Nikon/Canon others?

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Re: Why no m4/3 tele converters like Nikon/Canon others?

CharlesTokyo wrote:

I'm curious, where would you go to get something significantly longer than 300mm/600mm lens? I have a feeling you wouldn't be satisfied with mirror lesses. 800mm lenses from Canon and Nikon run $13,000-$18,000 dollars. Sigma has an 'affordable' option at $7000 and nearly 11 pounds. A 600mm lens on APS-C would get you far enough to actually see a difference, but still a very pricy option.

Agree with you that there aren't many reasonably priced options, but he's right that, at the moment, Olympus is incredibly weak at the long end if you only consider m43 lenses. However, the 300mm f/2.8 is a stellar lens which will take a 2X TC. That takes you to 1200mm equivalent FF, which is really really long. Hard to find your subject!

I'm really impatient to see if Oly delivers on the rumored 300mm f/4. That would be just about perfect. Should be light enough. Just deliver it with a 1.4xC and a built in lens hood. Even better would be to go the Canon route and build the TC into the lens.

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