Is there anything such as a "wrong shutter speed"?

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Using 1/500th when your sync is 1/125th. That's wrong.

Nicholas Sharpe wrote:

I participate on a few critiquing forums and groups and am frankly fed up of the nitpicking that goes on as opposed to actual critiquing. In any case, one of the thoughts my photograph received was that I had shot it at the "wrong shutter speed".

Now, granted, if the viewer knew what effect I was going in for, with respect to blurring motion, freezing it, low-key lighting, high-key lighting or something along those lines, then it makes sense to say a certain different shutter speed would have helped.

Speaking about photographs in general (and assuming the photographer did not try to cover up poor shots in post processing and throw them out on the internet) can "wrong shutter speed" ever be a form of critique?

Specifically, I'm wondering if, among all things that we consider to expose a decent photograph, is shutter speed completely a matter of personal taste?

Wrong... not so much. Wrong shutter speed would fall into the category of choosing 1/500 of a second when your sync speed is 1/125th.  That would be wrong.

Pretty much everything else falls into the personal taste, less than optimum, ill advised  or poor conclusion  drawn catagories.

Unless  you specifically stated that you wanted the running dog to be eyelash sharp  and you used    a shutter speed of 1/25th at f8  and after shooting thusly  could not figure out why the image was blurry- even 1/25th would not be inherently wrong.

It is only wrong if you chose one  figure and dialed in another by mistake.

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