20MP vs. 20MP - comparing my 6D vs. 70D:

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Re: 20MP vs. 20MP - comparing my 6D vs. 70D:

Rick Knepper wrote:

Sharpness and other apsects of IQ are a different matter from detail IMO. If it were possible to find a FF sensor with the same pixel density of a crop, and find exact equivalent lenses, I would expect the same level of detail to be captured by both but the overall clarity of the FF image would be superior due to its lower inherent noise and other factors

Not even close. The 20D/30D/350D have the same pixel density more or less, as the 5D2. Take, say, the 60/2.8 and the 100/2.8 macro (non-L) and compare them. Here is one such comparison at close to equivalent apertures. The extinct resolution (look at the horizontal lines) is something like 22 vs. 34.

Again, the crop factor. BTW, 34/22 is very close to 1.6. Coincidence? (if you use the same lens, same aperture, it will be exactly 1.6).

EDIT: You are probably thinking of using the same lens, same FL, same aperture, from the same distance. Then the crop camera will capture a cropped version of the FF one, with absolutely the same detail clarity, etc. under the assumption of the same pixel density (well, Canon FF cameras are less color blind but let us forget about that).

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