"I am selling my Nikon gear"

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Re: Horses for courses ...

I think you and I have similar thoughts on this. I too hope that one day the Fuji X system can replace my heavy DSLR.

As far as image quality goes, it is there already.


Two things I am not sure CAN / WILL ever happen (I REALLY hope I am wrong)

1) Mirrorless AF can not match the speed a dedicated AF sensor separate from the imaging sensor. Seems like a physical limitation.

2) Large aperture zooms might never be made as they are counter to the "small, light" system. I'd love to have a 70-200 f2.8 equivalent for the X. I wouldn't care about the weight or size.

Weatherproofing can be solved (though the current, STELLAR lenses would need to be updated, repurchased)

Tethering might never happen, but if it does it will be a long time (look how long it took for RAW support)

Thank you to all who are contributing in a civil discussion to this thread.

Daniel from Bavaria wrote:


not a bad write up, I like the irony in some of the statements.

Nevertheless, the right tool for the right task.

I am also one of the guys who is really enjoying to use the XP1 with several lenses, but still keeping my Canon gear. I've sold my Zeiss 21mm and 35mm lenses in favor of the 14mm and now finally after long waiting the 23mm lens.

So I have the 14, 23, 35, 60mm and the 18-55mm lenses. What is more than I initially planned. Nevertheless, I enjoy each of these lenses.

What I for example will not sell in favor of Fuji is my 1.2 50, as it is just GREAT piece of glas - optically as also literally.

Besides I am still enjoying to use my 5dmkIII with nice lenses, but not for everything and of course this kind of equipment is more bothersome to carry around.

What I have to admit, and some here may not like it. The image quality of the Fuji is just great -no question. But when it comes to best possible image quality (with my gear) the Canon FF-Sensor with the best L-glas is still a small step ahead - but sometimes I have the feeling that this mostly has something to do with the much better raw-support of the Canon-Sensor. Clearly I am splitting hairs here, as the image quality given by Fuji more than enough for all of my needs. When I take the Canon, I am doing it for other reasons that IQ.

To make it short: I am an absolute believer in the X-System and I can imagine that someday in the future it may substitute my Canon gear - but not now. I still enjoy both systems and not too seldom I have great need of the really unbelievable AF-Performance of my 5dmkIII.

On the other hand, I know that I did many of these photos in the past with way inferior AF-Systems, with pre-focusing etc. pp. But to have a system like in the mkIII it is easier and more convenient.

Also sometimes I think it is ridiculous to have two such expensive systems side by side, one always staying at home ... but luckily I am not in the situation to be forced to turn the last dime.

For me it is just fabulous that Fuji managed it to bring out so many great lenses in such a short time - that shows me clearly that they are committed and I really hope that stays so.



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