20MP vs. 20MP - comparing my 6D vs. 70D:

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Re: Caerolle...

mistermejia wrote:

Caerolle wrote:

Funny, I went and tried out a 6D today. I shot a few pics with it, and the same with my Fuji X-E1. I have done this kind of comparison in the past with a D7000, and really, liked the pics from my Fuji as well, and loved shooting it much more (I find dSLRs kind of sterile to shoot). Of course, these both have crop sensors. I had thought of adding a D7000 for the quick focus, but decided not to after that.

Lately I have been shooting more people, and have gotten pretty annoyed with the slower, less reliable focus on the X-E1. And, since I prefer primes, and the good ones are all full frame, I thought, why not try a full frame camera? OMIGOD! Looking at the images tonight, the 6D just blew my Fuji away. I have been reading all the stuff lately about how you can't tell the difference between crop and full frame, but the 6D pics certainly looked pretty awesome!

...Would it be too much trouble to ask if you can post some of those "OMIGOD!" photos from the 6D?

I find it very interesting that you compared photos from the fuji and you express that way about the 6D. I have been VERY interested in the 6D, but every time i compare other camera's photos with my fuji S5 PRO i just have no reason to sell my S5.

BUT, if the canon 6D just happen to give "similar" output for people shooting, then i will really think about selling my S5 to buy the 6D.

Can you post those photos from the fuji Xe1 and the 6D? Also, which lens did you use on the 6D?

I will appreciate it

Yes, that would help me as well....

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