"I am selling my Nikon gear"

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Out in the field, size/weight not so important

Out in the field, size/weight are not so important especially for applications like landscape or macro photography where often I'm shooting tripod mounted.  And most of the time quite honestly I couldn't care less about camera size/weight.

Here in the North East US, in the Winter months, I actually prefer my D800 because the controls, command dials and oversized buttons much it easier to operate with gloves on.

And even though I love my X-E1, a superb camera, I don't ever want to give up the big, bright Pentaprism finder on my DSLR. Nor would I ever give up my 70-200 f4 VR. It's an excellent lens that really has no equivalents yet in X-mount.

But there are applications like street shooting in New York City or outside the US in Europe where my X-E1 or even a small compact like the Ricoh GRD III is sometimes more manageable.

That said, the only camera that I own that is off limits as far as selling is my Nikon. I may upgrade to a D810 or add a Nikon Df, but I don't ever see myself moving away from a DSLR system. It does pretty much everything well with no fuss, so there is no reason to even consider not using it.

But I'm not the typical mirrorless user who is interested in small/lightweight cameras and portability. Plus I need the resolution and my macro lens for some copy gigs I do for a number of NY artists.

But as a camera fan, I enjoy lots of different cameras from high end compacts to FF DSLRs and everything in between. But lately my X-E1 is what I grab when I want to shoot one lens / one camera for fun. And I've been extremely happy with images which, as soon as I delete some older images from my completely full DPR gallery, I plan to upload soon.

Cheers everybody, Markus

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