Budget High-Performance Pentax Lenses

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ccd wrote:

cgarrard wrote:

And this 16mm?

The 18-55 out performs the 16-45 on many aspects, its also much more budget, which is the point of the post.

In what aspects are those? I

Chromatic aberrations, wide angle distortion, and its weather sealed. Sharpness too I think is very much on par or slightly better when tested on the same body.

Beyond that, there is budget and there is value.

Great, this thread is about bang for the buck, dollar for performance. The lenses I picked are very difficult to argue against.

That being said, I will go somewhat hypocritically go against the grain and recommend the much maligned 50-200 over the 55-300. Not only is it considerably cheaper

Which 55-300mm are you referring too? The DA L is almost exactly the same price as the 55-200mm WR.

I done thought my post through before I done posted it ;).


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