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Re: good luck then :)

vkphoto wrote:

Najinsky wrote:

vkphoto wrote:

Why are you posting your question on DPR????

There are plenty of professional photographers that are using X cameras, ask them :)))


Bert Stephanie, Kevin Mullins, David Hobby, Zack Arias, Dave Kai Piper, Chris Dodkin, etc to name few.

Thanks, for the link.

Until DPR change the name of the forum to 'FujiLove' and ban people from asking questions that some may find uncomfortable, I'll continue to use DPR for the purposes they intend.


Pros may find your question ......one day

Thanks for your good wishes

Really, no pros in the forum? That's quite odd, there are pros in most of the forums I have participated in here.

I'm sure I've seen some posts from wedding and reportage and the like here, with some really excellent work.

Simply put, I decided to wait until the release of the 1.4/23, to give X-Trans processing time to mature before revisiting Fuji for my single purpose HQ camera. That time has come, but having tested a number of converters that would fit within my workflow, I still see they suffer from different tradeoffs.

So, I'm changing tack a little and saying, ok, it's still there but how much of a problem is it in reality.

99% of my photography is for personal use, and here the colour bleeds won't be an issue for me. But my higher quality images get put to commercial use by way of print sales and/or stock, to help fund and advance the hobby into possibly a supplemental income.

And depending on the sites, there can be quite stringent technical IQ assessments, with many photographers having work rejected due to pixel level technical artefacts; noise, over-sharpening, and more.

I already have cameras for most of my personal photography, but I'm now looking specifically for a camera with very high IQ that I will switch to when encountering situations that I feel have some commercial potential to them. Of course, If I can use that camera in more situations too, so much the better.

To me it seems logical to raise the issue at this time with both the XE2 and 1.4/23 now available, it's an ideal candidate on many levels.

Now, I just want to research some of the negative topics, the 'cons' on my 'pro/con' list.


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