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+ 1: Black Magic Cinema Camera Says Hello

Drowsy Shah wrote:

JimPearce wrote:

Who would be foolish enough to start a camera company now, anyway?

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And they're landing magazine covers like crazy.

See also: Blackmagic Design.

What are the common threads, here?

(1) Motion + Stills from the ground up

(2) Mirrorless / EVF

(3) Highly modular design and project-adaptable form factor: storage, I/O, grip all highly configurable. Scale it up for major motion picture principal photography, scale it down for super-16 indie location scouting

(4) Any lens mount you want: ARRI P/L to EOS-EF to m4/3

(5) Direct compatibility with industry standard third party software and support--no kludgy Adobe-reverse-engineering NEFs-because-Nikon-won't-cooperate.

Looks like a fine, fine future, to me. Probably less so to CaNikon--especially Nikon.

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