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Re: Really?

JimPearce wrote:

...Who would be foolish enough to start a camera company now, anyway?

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Actually now would be a very good time. Digital technology has pretty much matured, sensors aren't rare and exotic anymore and you wouldn't have to spend millions on R&D trying to (re)invent the wheel. You can pick and choose parts and make your ideal 'Frankencamera'

If you truly know what 'everybody' wants and how to make it cheap, you might just catch a lot of fence-sitters, brand-swappers and GAS customers. Like Apple did.. No one knew thay wanted an iPhone until Apple made one. Not that many people wnated a digital retro rangefinder until the X100 came out.

If a new company would come up with, say, a perfect. desirable, MF-style DSLR with a good sensor, purely for MF, with, say a set of 3 modern MF oprimized prime lenses (25/2, 50/2, 100/2), I wouldn't be dropping Nikon for it but it would sure get my ineterest and I'd likely buy the set for fun.

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