Nikon DF, Why is the price so high?

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Re: Nikon DF, Why is the price so high?

This is my view. Let them do what they do and we will do what we do. Certainly you buy what you want/need. Its not like you have to buy this because Nikon made it. If no one buys it at that price then Nikon will have to lower the cost (or so I believe they would). If however enough people buy it at that price there will be no change.

As far as I am concerned its up to each individual to determine what their choice will be. Let Nikon know for Nikon (they pay people to determine these things) and let us know for us (I know what I want to buy, need to buy and can afford to buy).

Lets not worry about Nikon's choices. It sufficient for us to worry about our own.

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