Why no m4/3 tele converters like Nikon/Canon others?

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Re: Why no m4/3 tele converters like Nikon/Canon others?

I have a hunch--and it's only just that--the considerable in-camera corrections used for most, if not all µ4/3 lenses makes a universal optical teleconverter a devilishly challenging proposition. If they restrict its use to a handful of system lenses, maybe not at touch, but folks will want to try lots of combinations.

The 4/3 teleconverters are really good, especially the EC14, so the expertise is definitely there. But 4/3 also has a strict telecentricity standard and no in-camera processing. FWIW if you don't mind stacking and adapter and a converter, you can use them on µ4/3 with 4/3 lenses.

In addition to the fast zooms, a TC would be great for the longer fast primes, such as the 75.



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