How good is 24meg realy ?

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Re: How good is 24 meg realy ?

Hi Don,

I shoot lots of things but nature and landscape are my main interests.  Landscape photographers and appreciators are notorious for viewing large photos at closer than usual viewing distances.  The preferred image seems to be (usually, but not always) the one that looks like you're looking out a window into the real landscape.  I've printed from my K5 images and I find them better than my 35mm slides.  I think they start to compete with medium format, but my better 6X7 trannies still have the edge on them for 12X18" and 16X20" prints.  My 4X5" trannies still beat everything else.

Where's this going? Well some of us are still interested in larger sensors and higher mpx.  I don't understand up-scaling.  How can you create what isn't there?  I don't print large all the time, but when I do, I want them to give me at least that medium format look.  So, I'm personally taking an interest in the 36mpx Sony A7r to complement my DSLR system.  The combination of a small, light, sealed, high res body that I can use with my best Pentax and other lenses and with movements is very attractive.  And when I don't want huge file sizes, I can simply shoot crop or turn down the resolution.

Horses for courses.

Cheers, Rod

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