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Re: X-Trans for commercial work

abelits wrote:

Najinsky wrote:

X-Trans artefacts?

You mean, ones that can be only reproduced on obsolete version of DCRaw and Adobe converters?

No, I mean the very real artefacts that are still visible in the latest raw converters, like Lightroom 5.2 and Aperture 3.5.

The existence of the artefacts is not a question for debate, they are real and viewable my anybody who takes the time to download samples and view them in various raw converters:

Like the red smearing here from Lightroom 5.2, most visible in 'Product of Italy' and to some degree the decoration on the Fujitsu Logo.

Lightroom 5.2

Aperture does a better job in eliminating the smear, and the red saturation in general:

Aperture 3.5

But both Aperture and Lightroom still struggle with other colour bleeds, for example the Baileys bottle details:

Aperture 3.5 - Grey instead of gold on the strike-through and throughout the sig and on the 'D'

Both Aperture and Lightroom have trouble rendering the gold of the bailey's bottle details consistently, turning it grey in places:

Lightroom 5.2 - Grey on join to the 'B' and throughout, and more slight on the 'D'. Poor red saturation on 'Q'

Contrast this with the renderings from some other cameras, like the D800:

Nikon D800

Or perhaps the Olympus EM-5:

Olympus OM-D EM-5

My interest is not whether you believe the artefacts exist, anyone with working eyes can see that they do, and what you choose to tell yourself and others is up to you, it is whether these artefacts have presented a stumbling block for some types of commercial work in the real world.


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