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Re: Is there a place for a MF only Df?

Lance B wrote:

I hear many lamenting the "big bright viewfinders" found in the old film cameras and I must say that I agree that it would be nice to experience that again. However, with the advent of auto focus and their associated requirements, we can no longer expect the big bright VF of old. So, maybe there is a case for a manual focus only version of the Df? Amongst the issues that face auto focus VFs, this would mean that the mirror would not need to be half opaque for the AF module and all the light would go to a big bright VF.

The problem is, hoa many would actually buy one?

Agree.  Some Df critics are already using words like "niche camera".  Could you imagine if Nikon had made it a MF only camera with a split prism finder and center weighted metering?

Nikon is running a business and for this reason it is their duty to try to not only make money, but to support as many photographers as possible.  And the majority of Nikon owners have a good selection of AF-S Nikkors.  A camera that is optimized for AF and Matrix metering doesn't preclude the use of manual lenses but an all manual camera sure does prevent the use of AF lenses.

I could see Nikon possibly making a MF APS-C niche camera.  I don't see them making a low production run, MF Full Frame.  It would exclude too many Nikon users.  A Df style camera seems to will more likely than not give good usability with both AF and MF F-mount lenses.  And if the Df is successful, perhaps we will see a higher end Df2 with interchangeable finders.

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