What exactly do I gain from buying a DF over D610?

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Pretty much, in terms of IQ, you have slightly better DR at base ISO (if you can use it, in practical terms I doubt you'll ever see a difference)

I think the difference can be felt.

How many EVs do you think that image has?

A lot, pushing the limit of D600. I shot that image, I know what unprocessed image look like.

Hmm, did you measure the EV range when shooting it? How do you know the DR from the "unprocessed" file? Can you post the NEF?

I dont need to measure the EV of the image, I only need to know that the scene has a lot of DR and pushing what D600 is capable of at 14.2. 13.1 will not be as good.

and more resolution (+22.5% lineraly, but not if you shoot handheld),

I shoot all my photos handheld. Very rarely I get blurs.

Hmm, how are you measuring "blur"?

I dont, I see zero of it at 100%.

You "see"?

Yes, that is what I do with my images.

Have you ever tested a resolution chart shot handheld x tripod, any ss?

I dont need to do this. I can tell if I get motion blur or not, that is what 100% view does.

What do you think is the actual resolution of a 24MP file shot at 1/125s with a 50mm lens?

Exactly the same resolution as if I shot it at 1/500s. I only start to get small amount of shake irregularly at about 1/80, at 1/50 I get about 50% shots blur free.

Really? Are you sure you're getting 100% res that sensor can deliver at 1/500s, handheld? For which lens?

1, Really. 2, I am sure. 3, For every lens I have/had. 17-55, 50 F1.8II, 70-200F4 IS, 50 F1.8G, 85 1.8G, 24-85.

Before D600 I used 18mp APS-C. so called "likelihood" of blur was even higher because pixel density was same as 50mp FF.

That is correct.

Yet I managed to use it for 3 years with thousands tack sharp images. I hardly every use tripod.

Define "tack sharp".


I'm also satisfied with most of my handheld shots, even at 1/30 and 1/20s with a normal FL. Doesn't mean I'm using all res the sensor can deliver.

I cannot say what you do and how you decide what images to keep.

In D4's favor, better high ISO (3,200 or 6,400 onwards depending on use of image, more obvious above that).

Looking at the D4 v D800 high iso thread, especially after reading various technical analysis, I dont think that is true. D4 has slightly more clean shadaws, but overall high ISO IQ is very very close.

Compare them at 6400, 12800 and 25600. Not same, definitely.

I looked at 12800 comparisons, http://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3567457

And I concur with that OP's observation 100% when he said:

"I decided to compare ISO12800 of these cameras (on imaging resource samples) and found D800 is slightly ahead at this sensitivity."

Maybe you should do your own test, just a simple RAW conversion w/o NR.

No I shouldn't. The test is time consuming to do properly and that guy did a fantastic job. Unless I have any reason to believe he gamed the test, I have no reason to do it myself.

Here is mine, D4, D800 16MP, D800 full res. 12.800, CNX2, all NR disabled, other settings default (Standard Mode). If you check the 25600 ISO the difference is even bigger. (Click original for full size).

But there is no need to "disable NR". No one really processes images without NR, no NR is like to test cars with no tyres. What matters is after NR how well does each image hold detail and colour. His test show D800's image holds detail just as good if not better than D4.

If you do a little research yourself, you only need to use a bit of weekend time, you'll see that for handheld shooting, there's no difference between the resolution of D800 or D4, or D80, for that matter, unless one has an incredible steady hand and only uses very fast speeds (but the mirror slap also plays a role).

I dnot need to do this test. I have been shooting SLR for 4 years, I have owned 3 and shot over a dozen, I know exactly what resolution gain I can expect from different sensors. When I upgraded 60D from 1000D, improvement was very visible, when I bought D600 improvement was very obvious yet again.

I have " incredible steady hands".

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