HUGE Df Apology!

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Re: HUGE Df Apology!

Nikonfan99 wrote:

Lets cover this again.

- Size specifications!!!!!!! Not what someone feels. I can hold a lens and guess it "feels" lighter. Hold a camera and say it FEELS smaller. That dont make it so.

YOU hold a D4 and tell me if it feels ANYTHING like a D800.

-I bought a D600 myself did not because of size. I bought because of smaller RAW files (Shooting 2,000+ shots a wedding and storing them). Did not have a need for heavy cropping which a bigger file offers. Price difference. I never looked and said look how much bigger the d800 is because it IS not!

My brief consideration for the D600 was after using one on my boat. It was smaller and less of a handful than my D800. This may not matter to YOU, but it does for others. And form factor comes down to mm not inches. The Df will not handle anything like a D800.

-The difference up to ISO 6400 is negligible!!!!!

I'd say up to 3200, based on shooting side by side. You should look at what owners of BOTH cameras often say. They're quite clear about the strengths of BOTH sensors.

-Many smaller alternatives if smaller "travel" size is your reason. Travel photos are not critical photos and if they are take the D800.

They're not critical? Oh. Rats!

If the Df, D800, and D600 have typically negligible differences, why don't I just take the smaller better handling Df? It's not as if the Df doesn't have a stunning sensor at low ISO. I'd rather have the low profile body that helps me take great pics if the IQ differences are so small.

Bud, you can't have it both ways. You've talked yourself into a corner.

The size difference removed, iso difference negligible, price the same, features removed....why the DF besides looks?

Oh...if the size didn't matter, and it didn't have better handling and if the high ISO didn't matter to me...I wouldn't buy it no matter how it looks.

I didn't buy the D600 for the handling and the slight bit of extra chroma noise at higher ISO. Why would this be any different?

Don't you realize that you can't win a debate where your only tactic is to claim white is black? The Df IS smaller. It likely WILL handle better. The high ISO range IS better. The file size IS smaller. We'll need to learn more, but so far those are valid reasons. To you they may seem negligible, just like the guy who can't see/care about the way two cars handle. But for someone who understands and SEEKS something extra....he'll pay.

Diminishing returns? Absolutely. But returns all the same.

Now SHHHHHHH! Gotta make meatballs for the kids!


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