Please share your EXR RAW/Jpeg experiences...

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Re: Please share your EXR RAW/Jpeg experiences...

carlos roncatti wrote:

Is there any advantage doing in camera raw instead of using the jpegs? thanks...

Definitely! Typically, I shoot JPG+RAW, and I often keep the JPGs, but they are made according to certain settings. Sometimes I may want to tweak something from my default settings, such as softening shadow and/or highlight tones, or changing film simulation and noise reduction, as the situation warrants.

These are all things that can be done externally in software, e.g., Silkypix, but I prefer simply to hook up my camera to the TV via HDMI and work that way. My TV has much better image quality than either my computer monitor or the camera's LCD screen, and the in-camera Raw does most things I'd want to do externally, with convenient settings.

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