What is one place you would love to visit (or have visited) for a photography holiday?

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Re: What is one place you would love to visit (or have visited) for a photography holiday?

karl eller wrote:

Say you had the opportunity to take one all-expenses-paid photography holiday to any location you wanted, where would it be? It could be somewhere that you want to go but haven't had the opportunity, or somewhere that you've been before and want to go back, the sky is the limit (literally, no space ).

For me, it would have to be a multiple-day tour of the Chernobyl region, and the cities of Chernobyl and Pripyat in particular. I've always had a fascination with abandoned structures and cities, and the Chernobyl region combines two (almost completely) abandoned cities and multiple smaller towns/villages with Soviet-era Russian architecture, and any photos I've seen always look amazing (and a little haunting). The region has also played a fairly major part in a number of video games I've enjoyed, particularly the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series, which is another reason to visit.

So what is your place?

Did not go to Chernobyl, but did visit Kiev, Cossacks - Golden Domed Churches, then a
boat trip down the Dneiper River, passing some of the wonders from the Soviet Era in the way
of massive dams and power plants, into the Black Sea and history of the Crimean War,
the Yalta Conference, The Tsar's Summer Palace, Odessa with their beautiful girls and
onto Roumania, Bulgaria and finally Istanbul. Very relaxing and all sorts of photo opportunities.

Kiev domes

School children watching the ship enter the locks.

Sunday relaxing time on the river bank

Yalta, from the Black Sea.

Art history students in Istanbul museum.

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