What if you had $5000?

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Re: What if you had $5000?

Darrell500 wrote:

Just for fun if you had $5,000.00 to put into camera gear for semi pro work, such as weddings, concerts, studio portraits, fashion and seniors, which gear would you buy?

I'm curious because I have a bid of about 4K from KEH for all my gear except a couple shg lenses which I might keep in case I pick up a EM1 at a later date. I can throw another $1,000 into the pot giving me only $5000.00 US to work with, not a small amount but not large either when trying to buy into a new system, so where to start, any ideas?

Had I bailed a couple years ago I would have gotten a lot more for this gear. I thought about selling individually but KEH makes it all so simple send it all off and collect your money.


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That's my answer to the question: If....:-)

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