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Re: vanity (?)

Just curious (sincerely).... where does 'vanity' enter into the equation when using tools such as cameras?  I can see it with automobiles where brand names have taken on a certain stereotype, and the product becomes more than just a functional device.  But I've never thought about it with cameras (?)  Sure, the way a camera company might market a specific product can be suggestive of certain things, but then again I guess I've never really paid very close attention.  Camera advertising is generally not that ubiquitous, nor is it usually very class specific.

So, are cameras more like status symbols these days?  And what's with all the 'hipster' and 'poseur' designations?  What does that actually mean and why is it constantly mentioned?  And what does 'retro' really mean? How (and why) does a particular camera identify itself with a user's intent?  Does the device itself always directly identify with the type of product being produced (cameras produce products; i.e. a photograph to be consumed.) Or the type of producer?  If so, then how?  How does a Df mean the user is indeed a 'poseur?'

I suppose that underneath it all, this is really about a much bigger issue of general self-identity. Hobbyist photography has always been a leisure pursuit of the middle/upper class and no doubt identity gets tangled up into it.  Cars and watches were also symbols of the leisurely class at one time.  But all these products are commonplace today (and less costly) and so the particular model/brand can become more significant in respect to self-identity.

I actually don't fully understand 'vanity' when it comes to the Df.  Is it because the selling price is more than some of the other products that Nikon sells?  Or is it simply a perception that is developed by certain consumers who identify themselves with what they feel are more appropriate use value/cost equations (which itself becomes a type of self-identity issue.)

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