HUGE Df Apology!

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Re: HUGE Df Apology!

Nikonfan99 wrote:

"I have NEVER stated that the D800 failed to meet my expectations. It has exceeded them in almost every way, INCLUDING low light performance."

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If so why would you even say that a DF is needed and use "travel camera" as the reason? They are almost the same size.

I think a LOT of people are wondering what you're smoking and not sharing! Lots of people bought the D600 to run around with because it's smaller than the D800. That's the only reason why I even thought of buying a D600. IT IS SMALLER and some folks want that. The Df is even SMALLER, noticeably so according to some hands on previews.

So what exactly are you talking about?

"But last summer I shot a baby shower and my friend came along with his D4. We have a very similar skill level. We both got very nice shots and when we sat down at our Macbooks to do some quick PP there was no doubt that he had a better time. My files above ISO 3200 needed more work to look as clean. When the mother was blessed in very subdued lighting we both shot at 6400. I could get my shot close to his with downsizing and PP, but his was still better right down to colors and highlights."

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I have shot a lot of weddings/events and some have been in very low light situations and own fast glass (like you) and average iso 1600-4000 max. This is in a low light flash/no flash situation. You are shooting a baby shower at iso 6400? Where was this and last check the D800 is very good pushed to 6400 and the D4 gets a slight edge after 6400. You own a flash? Even in a dim church I use much slower iso.

The D800 needs more PP to get where the D4 is at ISO 6400. It's not only about noise. It's about mid-tones, color and so on. And that translates to prints as well. The baby shower was in the Bronx and was followed by a ceremony where the unborn child was blessed in a private room loaded up with some candles. My friend also shot at 12800 and got solid results with almost no PP. Workflow is why he loves the D4 sensor.

"95% of the time we had results so close that no one would care about the differences. Some of the time he loved the added resolution of the D800. At other times I could not believe the latitude the D4 had at high ISO settings that I would usually only use as a last resort"

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that is the point. Just like I said negligible differences. So what exactly is the reason that a DF makes sense in your example?

I said 95% of the time. Do the math. That means 5% of the time we liked what the other camera was doing MORE. In photography 5% is a LOT. If I'm buying a 2nd body why would I choose something that DOESN'T fill that void.

Explain yourself.

I was thinking of buying a D4, but don't need a lot of the spec. I just wanted the sensor in a more sensible body for my needs. I shoot a LOT of portraits and candids for myself.

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Well this still makes no sense because the DF is not a more sensible body and if the size is close to the D800. Also if up to iso 6400 is great on a d800, what about the DF makes sense?

Someone just posted a good thread explaining why the Df is less intimating to subjects. And that's based on the LOOK of the camera, which is debatable. From a performance standpoint I do plan to shoot lowlight candids next summer, especially on the water. Why would I want a 2nd body that doesn't maximize that capability? And why would I want a larger camera for that?

Explain yourself.

"I fail to see what any of this has to do with "vanity."

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You may not see it but "retro looks" is the key selling marketing of this camera and the emotion that the camera brings. Not practicality or placement into the product line at a price that makes sense. The price is clearly based upon the design/looks and feel and desire it brings out.

That's a guess on your part. You and I do not know what the Df costs to produce. It may cost more than a D800 or less. I find the price a bit high, but that's a non-issue as my gear pays for itself over and over. Irrespective of price it's still a superior pick than a 2nd D800 for me because it adds something to the overall performance of my kit. A D600 would DECLINE the performance of my kit because the D800 is better overall and the DF bests it at high ISO. It's very simple.

And I already proved via someone who HELD both that the size difference is a factor. The ONLY thing I like about the D600 is the smaller size and the Df is even a bit smaller. Why deny this?

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MINIMAL differences. If size is your ultimate goal, many other capable options are hitting the market. Are you also saying that a D800 will take up that much more space to restrict travel?

I'm talking about HOLDING the camera. Based on what I've been told and what I've seen I believe the Df will be the most comfortable DSLR to hold on the market. Obviously this will be subjective and I have to TRY one to see. Maybe I'll hate the feel of the thing. I thought I would buy a D600 until I held one...and saw the high ISO chroma noise.

"The Df is a very capable cameras. IMHO it is you who has been blinded by it's looks and it has impacted your ability to recognize it's strengths."

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I actually AM NOT blinded because I see the marketing gimmick that the camera is and I know that it is priced because SOME people will pay a premium to have the look/feel. I pay for functionality and my money is valued to me so I buy value. I dont buy looks.

Some people bought the D800 for the 36 mp with no ability to EVER benefit from it. But they liked that HUGE mp count. There are always fashion shoppers for every product. What does that have to do with me?

"I'm ALL about function. That's why I'm not ordering now. I'll wait for bugs to be settled and a bit more info before pulling the trigger."

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Most sensible thing you have said yet. Not buying now is a good move. The price will drop and I would pick one up (If I was in the market for one) after the hype has died down and the bugs worked out if any.

Well, there ya go! We agree on something!


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